MiO – it changes Everything?

MiO – it changes Everything? Well I don’t know if it changes everything; however MiO water enhancer has changed how I drink water – I can’t drink water without MiO!

The problem with the Water Enhancer market is that water enhancers haven’t traditionally been marketed to men, and it really isn’t macho to pour a packet of Crystal Light into your water bottle.

So the folks at Kraft aren’t helping things with their “Changes” tv commercial.

Who do they think the target market is for MiO – bored office workers, top gun pilots, Thurston Howell III, 1970′s tennis players, tiny urban cowboys?

I realize that Kraft is trying to replicate the successful, non sequitur “Old Spice Effect” of the classic Isaiah Mustafa commercials (definite non nonthinking going on there, but more on this later), by having the two characters, and backgrounds changing from scene to scene (I get it, MiO changes everything); however these characters are, how best to describe them… weird.

So again, the emotional response to the ad is: “if I use Mio water enhancer, I am weird.”

This is really too bad because MiO is really good, and as stated earlier I can’t drink water without it (perhaps I should check the list of ingredients), and I must admit that I am strictly a closet MiO user because I am too embarrassed to use it publicly.

Therefore if MiO is being targeted to any group other than those appearing in the ad, then they need to create an ad that makes MiO, well, cool. Other products: beer, cars, shoes, phones, Apple, certainly have done this, so it is not like splitting the atom.

Again this is a good example of nonthinking.

Let me know what you think.

P.S. please note, I finally tried MiO in spite of this ad because I wanted to write this post.



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